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Water War Vest Set

Hours of fun; Outdoor, water version of laser tag

Reactive vests; When your target is hit it will turn red to represent blood

Set of 4; The set includes 2 water pistols and 2 vests

Hours of fun; Reuse the vests time and time again for hours of fun, great for adults and kids

Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Water War Vest Set

If you love shooting games, laser tag or just want an excuse to shoot water at your family and friends, then you need the Water War Vest Set. This fantastic game comes with two water pistol guns and two vests with targets

Easy to Use

The game really couldn't be easier to play, simply fill up your water gun, pop your vest on and shoot your friend's target, while trying not to get hit yourself. When your target gets hit with water it will change to red to look like blood. Once yours or your opponent's target is completely red it's game over. But don't worry, you can play time and time again, just let your vests dry out and turn back to white, ready to play the game again.

Hours of fun and laughter are sure to be had with this great game for all the family.


Vests: W44 x L54cm

Age: 7+