Portable Mini Hand-held Small Desk USB Rechargeable Mist Spray Fan

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Type: Spray Small Fan

Color: white/pink/Blue

Material: ABS+PP


Spray volume: 35 ml

bottle capacity: 40 ml

Power consumption: 5 w

Using power: 2 w

Battery capacity: 1200 mah

Charging input: DC5V-1A

Battery model: 18650-3.7V

Usage time: one gear about 5 hours for first gear; Second gear about 3 hours; The third gear takes about 1.5 hours
Usage: fan 3 gears switch (low speed, medium speed, high speed) Atomization 2 gears switch (long spray, spray interval of 3 seconds)

Package Included:
1* Fan

1* USB Cable

1* water bottle