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  • Is Toplen advertising free?

    Using Toplen is generally free, you can post simple free ads, but we sometimes charge a fee for certain services. If the service you use incurs a fee, you'll be able to review and accept terms that will be clearly disclosed at the time you post your ad.

  • How do I sell something on Toplen for free?

    Post the ad. Once you are done with your ad, post it on Toplen. It is free to post ads on Toplen. You can then respond directly to buyers who contact you by logging onto your Toplen account. If you are using the Toplen App on your phone, you can chat with potential buyers through the App.

  • How long does a Toplen ad take to process?

    Generally, Few seconds to 5 Minutes ! Your ad is still being processed If you recently posted or edited your ad it can take anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes for an ad to go through the system and appear online.

  • How long does a Toplen ad last?

    How long will my Toplen ad stay active for? Ads stay live for 30 days across all categories except: Some ads stays active online for up to 45 days to 60 days, depends on the package.

  • How many free ads can I post on Toplen?

    This means that users posting more than 10 ads in the Services category or more than 2 listings in the Jobs category will be subject to a small fee. Customers are limited to one live car ad at any given moment.

  • Does Toplen have buyer protection?

    Toplen say keeping it 'in-house' means you are protected by their filter system which blocks any spam or suspicious emails. Toplen also say to be wary of buyers or sellers that ask you to switch payment method, normally to one that has no consumer protection

  • How safe is Toplen?

    Thousands of people use Toplen every day and the vast majority have a safe and successful experience. ... While Toplen doesn't sell anything directly itself, the site is developing new ways to educate its customers on best practices for payments and personal safety, with extensive online tips and information.

  • How can I sell things fast on Toplen?

    (steps for listing an item) - Figure out what you're going to sell. You can sell anything on Toplen. - Take photos of your item. Generally speaking, the better your photo, the better the listing will perform and the more people will be interested in it. - Write a good description. - Take multiple pictures of what you're selling. ... - Don't use generic images from the internet. ... - Be prepared to take offers. ... - Be as descriptive as possible. ... - Use the mobile app.

  • How many free ads can I put on Toplen?

    There are no limits to the amount of ads Toplen community members can post. However, if you're posting as a business, you may be required to post your ad in the “Services for Hire” category.

  • is subscription plan concerns both normal and featured ads?

    All Registered user can post free ads, And IF user want to post featured ads then user must need to purchase a plan.

  • How does PayPal work with Toplen?

    Buyer can make secure payment via PayPal, if the seller accepts PayPal for the item(s), and get the item(s) posted to them.

  • How can I avoid getting scammed on Toplen?

    - Use a safe location to meet seller... - Avoid cash transactions... - Beware of unrealistic offers... - Meet in public environment...